Hog Mob, who are they and what do they do?

Today as a different kind of post I’ve asked a brother Mark Blazing to write about a group of Christian rappers who are doing things a little different, he has a real passion for how they work.  I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed listening about the work these fascinating Christians are doing from the impassioned words of my brother.

So I’ve been asked to share with you all about my favourite Christian music Hip-Hop group “Hog Mob” which stands for “Hooked On God-Ministry Ova Bizness”

Who Are Hog Mob?

Hog Mob are group of Christian believers whom cover 20 states in America, who try to live out and fashion their lives and display, what it means to be a believers in Christ. Sevin who is the founder of this movement,was involved in gang culture at a young age and found his life spiraling into crime, drugs, pimping women, even murder.

He was a “Gang-Banger”(gangbanger. noun. A member of a street gang; banger: He lives where the city’s most violent gangs live) most of these violent gangs known as the “bloods and crips”(The Bloods are a primarily, though not exclusively, African American street gang founded in Los Angeles, California.

The gang is widely known for its rivalry with the Crips. They are identified by the red color worn by their members and by particular gang symbols, including distinctive hand signs) carry guns and are territorial violent people who wouldn’t think twice about dumping a round in you if you crossed their line or invaded their space.

I believe Sevin was a “Blood”..he was young when he joined their crew you can only leave if you have gained their(Bloods) respect, otherwise its death! I think Sevin had gained massive respect from the Bloods or God simply intervened and had bigger plans(maybe both).

One of the most powerful story’s I heard was a testimony of how he had came to the end of himself and tried to blow his own head off with a pistol, but when he pulled the trigger the gun did not release the round and it was as though it was jammed.

This was a real turning point of his life where he knew there was a bigger plan for him and that he must surrender his heart to God and allow God to shape and transform him into the man God wanted him to be.. so for years of being in this violent gang even witnessing his own friends shot dead in front of him it was time to go Gods way! So God started this movement through my bro Sevin and now there is Hundreds of people who are part of this movement, he has brothers who have also abandoned the Bloods & Crips and joined him in this movement and are now living for God, all because of his choice to embrace what he felt was right in God(hear more here)= http://www.testimonystories.com/testimony/sevin

Why I’m Into This Movement

I’m not just into this movement because of the music, that’s only part of why I love this group…Yes I have their music(most album’s) but its their heart and passion for the gospel of Christ to be shared(especially to the youth).

Hog-Mob also would say “our hearts are to glorify God and spread love on these streets where no foot has walked and no mouth has spoken the Gospel of Christ. We want Christ to be in front and our music be behind, and be brought out of the overflow of our love for him and the desperation for souls”. A lot of the youth are corrupted by the music that is played these days, they know the filthiest lyrics from secular artists who have a platform but pollute them with lies and deception…our youth become brainwashed by artists who don’t know the impact of their own words.

I don’t feel its right for me to judge these artists because they judge themselves by their actions and lifestyle,or even mention their names on here..a lot of them they rap about pimping women, drugs, crime, murder..and these kids start dressing like them and modelling their lives around them, by the age of 20-25 most would of even tried drugs, sex or even experienced prison..

Hog Mob rap about truth and their own struggles what they’ve came out of, they’re transparent and chose to live life’s that are not only service to God but reaching out to youth who have been caught up in drugs, prostitution, those who have been behind bars(or still there) ok some of there lyrics contain the word “nigga” which is just like me saying “hey bro”, “yo fam”.. that’s how they address each other over there.

They have tours to reach out to the communities and spread the love of Christ, not just through music but their actions and acts of love. When I first heard their music I enjoyed hearing what they had to say it was uplifting and brought me close to God.

I have a good friend over here called Jonny(who has done music with some of Hog-Mob) I first showed him some of the music they had but we wanted to know about their lifestyle and was blown away by their passion for God and the lost. These brothers and sisters in Christ live and breathe the Gospel and that’s what challenged our hearts and wanted to find and discover that passion(which is through prayer and digging deep into Gods word). These are our brothers, sisters in Christ, we have massive respect for their ministry and feel privileged to know and connect with them, and share common ground.

What Positive Effect Could Hog-Mob Have On The Youth Over Here in The UK?

I think that the youth have to hear the message of Christ in any shape or form and Hog-Mob have a particular Anointing to speak Gods word through their lifestyles and music, young people need role models or father figures(as some are without natural fathers) they need truth and understanding of what it means to come into contact with Christ and to understand His love and Compassion for them, that there’s a purpose for their life’s..as I said earlier some model their life’s around secular artists and I’m not saying they should do that with Hog-Mob otherwise there’s a danger of them being idolised, Christ is the rock the foundation they must find Him first of all, and that could be through listening to their music? but to seek after Christ is their main priority and watching the ministry of Hog-Mob and learning from their passion and love for Christ and His gospel.

My friend Jonny whenever he felt he was drifting away from Christ he would watch a video or listen to a sermon or testimony from a Hog and would find his heart being refocused on to what matters. And its not because he loved their music but because God used their ministry to fall back in line with Him. And What About The Logo Of The Hog Hogs are classed as unclean animals and these brothers and sisters recognise their need for God on a daily basis, they ain’t perfect they have fallen short of God’s glory just like the rest of us and know their need to be washed and clean through Christs blood.

Closing Comments

I would like to thank the ministry of Hog-Mob and the work what its producing here in the UK as well as US. Thankyou for your transparency and loyalty for the Gospel and Service of Christ! Feel blessed to be part of you all! Peace… Forever Mobb’n!!


And About The Author 

Who Am I? My Name is Mark Blazing. I grew up on a council estate in a place called Carlisle. A lot of crime violence, drugs was the life of most who grew up there.

I was caught up in the culture of gangs and crime and a few times found myself in a police cell after heavy drinking or even woke with bruises after fights with others.

I used to smoke weed when I was young and found it very difficult to escape that lifestyle. I lived in a foster home as my aunt was suffering from cancer and couldn’t cope looking after me. A lot of the time I bunked school and hung around with friends.

Not long after my 21st Birthday I got involved in a tug of war with my foster mothers handbag, I needed money for Alcohol and weed..back to the police station I went..in court the next day and ended up going to a Hostel in Lancashire..after 6 months of being there I went to Sheffield and met some friends who were new to me. I at last found a way of escaping the place where I was born.

Wasn’t long after that I eventually found God. I was pretty desperate at the time living on the streets through friends who decided to kick me out of their house because they couldn’t afford to look after me.

So I walked into a garden where I met brothers and sisters in Christ and I seen Christ in them and surrendered my life to Him and was baptised and spirit filled.. I wasn’t into Christian rap I heard a few albums from a group called ” Tunnel Rats”.

I found them pretty cheesy and couldn’t really find challenge in there lyrics to hold me in Christ and keep me in inspired. Then I found this group of rappers called Hog-Mob who I believed to be living the life and shining the light of the Gospel into peoples life’s who have been in similar situations and lived lifestyles(or worse) as I.. I quickly found a passion by listening to their, music and showed my bro Jonny B Sherlock whom is connected with them now.