What Does It Mean To Be An Armchair Christian?

As any Christian will tell you, our God is mighty and will respond to your prayers, yet the God of the bible is not the God we seem to assume he is today.

In an age of instant gratification we all want instant results, now, and feel our prayers are not being answered if we actually have to wait on them, and what is more, we are totally unwilling to work for our prayers. The bible is full of examples of people doing and God rewarding, of people who are not perfect, but because they will get up and work for God then they become a reflection of Gods mightiness.

I want to look first at Noah, whether you believe the story of Noah is an allegory or not, the central theme is not of Noah asking for something and God providing, it is of God telling Noah to build the Ark, and by following God’s plan Noah saves his family and all the animals. Let’s put this story into how modern Christianity treats God, God says to Noah, a flood is coming build an Ark, save your family. Noah then spends the next year praying for God to build the Ark for him and as he drowns he blames God for not helping him.

Or let’s look at Moses, God helps him but God requires Moses to actually lead the people of Israel, again we see that God helps us but at the same time we actually have to do.

So when we pray for a healthy self, family, etc, and a healthy relationship with your family, it is not wrong to be praying for this, you should do this, but you should be pro-active in this too. Go to the gym as a family, go swimming, go for walks, get rid of sugar, saturated fats, and eat whole foods.

Don’t expect God to do the leg work in your life when you can do so much yourself. Prayer should be a relationship with God, not a shopping list of wants that you should have already done yourself in your own life.

When in debt we (I have felt this) can feel immobilized, and cry out to God “Help Me” and He can intervene, yet we can also look for solutions, maybe refinancing to get rid of credit card debt, or crazy high interest level loans and take control of our finances. Why beg for a miracle when it is your job to handle the debt. Once again I am not saying not to pray, that is not at all what I am saying, but I am saying do the leg work, praying throughout, and if you find a solution ask God to block the way if it’s not the way He wants you to deal with it.

In this moment I want to go off subject slightly, if you are in debt, and you are giving money in the hope God will reward you (prosperity teaching) then He will often give back to the heart that gives freely, but not financially, as that is the lowest of His aspirations for you, Jesus taught us pretty clearly that a rich man on earth is not a rich man in heaven, that is indeed as difficult for a camel to go through the eye of a needle as a rich man go to heaven, that the woman who gave the little she had was worth more than the man who gives more but has vastly more. God is not an investment portfolio on Earth, He is an investment in eternity. So whilst I say give freely, never expect what you give, to give back to you. Instead give because you love your fellow man and want to help others.

Back to the subject at hand, I want to go back to the point that God is mighty, but instead of treating Him like Father Christmas, seek Him in prayer for a relationship, a friendship. Instead of waiting on God to do what task is given to you, ask for the strength to follow the path He lays out for you, and DO IT.

This one is a lesson I keep having to remind myself of, for a long time I prayed for healing for my back, and He did heal it, once I started to go to the gym and get fit, He made it possible for me to breath without needing asthma inhalers, but only after I had given up smoking and started vaping instead, He helped me find a solution to my debt but only after I became proactive and looked for a solution with His help rather than expecting Him to sort it all out for me. Each step in my life, I have first waited on God to do it all for me, and then realised that I have to do the leg work, with God’s help and support to make it work. His leading is the important thing, He tells you what to do and you have to do the “doing” and He will be with you every step of the way.

Many Blessings to you