Brand new book out on Evangelical Christian Interrail evangelization

Crossroads is a story of events that occurred in 2014 on an inter-rail journey, traveling nine European countries in eleven days, carrying a message of God’s mercy to people met along the way.

“The idea came during a conversation after a Sunday church service. The first Christians were called those who follow the road. I saw a vision unfold. Imagine leaving the everyday noise behind and depending on God, not knowing where to go or what to say. We would travel light, carrying tickets, identity card or passport, supplementary cards, a cell phone and charger, notebook and pen, a Bible (ESV) and a toothbrush. Nothing more. No camera, no tablet, no travel guide or maps, no books, no change of clothes, no addresses of people to visit or monuments to see. Only us and 300 000 miles of railways.”

Crossroads is an intriguing book that details the author’s travels to share the gospel. The book will intrigue readers with an adventurous spirit and capture their interest throughout the book. Along the way between cities like Vienna, Florence and Paris, to name just a few, the story unfolds in a bald and honest way, and the conversations are recited in detail.

This book is for a Christian audience who are familiar with Biblical conversations and aims for a new level of excitement in walking with the Holy Spirit. The book also includes tips and guidelines, useful for those who understand the importance of hiking to bring the good news to the world.


C.R Hiker
Hardback 978-1-5127-3229-0 Paperback 978-1-5127-3228-3 E-book 978-1-5127-3230-6 Available now from and Amazon

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