How Do You Measure Up Against Other Christians?

There is a real temptation to look at another Christian, and feel that you are somehow an inferior Christian, like that other person has an in line to God, that their prayers have real power, and their connection is so much better than yours.

This is all about being condemned, not by the father who loves you, or the savior who gave up everything for you, but him who rebelled against His plans.  Satan has you on his hitlist, and one of the tools he uses, is self doubt.  

You can not measure your faith against anyone else except Christ.  As we strive to be more Christlike, having a more Christ centered life, it all comes down to holiness.  I do not mean being holier than thou,  but in living how Christ would in your footsteps right now.  It is not living in the flesh, but in the spirit.

Another tool that Satan uses, is making other Christians look on you as lesser.  I have to make an important point here, that often it is assumed that we are not to observe and comment on another Christians sins, based on not judging them.  But this is a twisting of the meaning.  We are not to judge others, but we are called to help our brothers and sisters in pointing out when they are sinning.  Yet looking at someone else as a lesser Christian, is not acceptable.  God uses who ever He chooses to use, not just people who feel that they are more holy.

When we look at another Christian, as greater or lesser, as Christians, then we are in great danger, because this is not of Christ, it is of Satan, we open ourselves up for attack, and being led off the righteous path.  We are called to focus on Christ, not on why our brothers and sisters are better, worse, closer, or further away from God.

The first step in this must be in prayer.  Repenting our sins, asking forgiveness, and clearing our hearts of this inner turmoil that can only hurt ourselves and those around us.  

Yes there is Christians that are truly on fire for God.  They are awesome to watch and listen to, but instead of trying to be like them, try instead to be more like Christ.

As an extra point will include differences in theology.  As long as someone believes in Christ the saviour, the father and the holy spirit, and lives in Him, then it is perfectly ok to have varied opinions and still accept that they might have some differences but are still your brothers and sisters.  For example recently a friend and me were in a discussion, he believe “sprinkling” babies, is baptism.  I believe a decision is needed to follow God, to cast off the past, to be reborn by water, full immersion is required.   Despite the large difference in theology, he is still my brother, and I do not compare myself as better or worse despite our different theological view point.  I still love him as a brother and a friend.

So what is the way forwards from this situation.  Of this Condemnation?  Simply put it all comes down to reconciliation, and prayer.  Love and acceptance, of how much God loves you, and to love your brother and sister openly, and loving yourself (something I struggle with especially) for the fact that God loves you, so that alone makes you worthwhile.

Bless You my wonderful sisters and brothers