I Think Therefore I Am

What are we? What are we worth?

As a Christian I know the answer to this, I am Gods child, made in His image and redeemed by Christ’s death and given eternal life with His resurrection.

How about we look at this though when we remove God from the equation, what are we truly worth, if we are not made worthwhile by God?

Are we purely an electrochemical machine? Born as a negative impact on the worlds environment, taking up resources, air, water, before producing more electrochemical machines, who will take even more recourses, and then eventually die. The human cycle of being born helpless, growing to the point where this machine is educated to basic levels of interaction with the world, then programmed by an education system to be “productive” in a society so that we can earn a roof over our heads, fuel us for the next 60 years, and buy stuff, produced by other electrochemical machines, all the while consuming the limited recourses this world still has.

What is the point of our existence? What is the point of life if there is no God?

An atheist will tell you that you are born, grow up and die and your life’s impact is purely in the achievements you make in your life. Yet if we are all purely machines, reproducing, living an average 70.78 years, what is our achievements actually worth? Finding a way to help humanity use slightly less recourses, or extending the average life expectancy slightly with a cure for a disease? Even feeding the hungry, sheltering the homeless, protecting the innocent, how does this validate you, your existence, if you are purely a robot made of flesh and bone, blood and water? All your achievements relate to helping other robots. That is assuming that you have contributed to the world as much as this.

How can we even have free will if we are purely animals, living purely to survive, to exist?

If we deny any spiritual existence then there is no point to existence. God made us in the image of Him, this does not mean a physical resemblance, but beings of free will. He gives us the choice to follow Him, and His love for us brings value to our existence.

You have a choice, to believe in a God that gives meaning to your life, your existence, who loves you so much that He would give His only son for you. Or you can believe that life has no value. I am not suggesting that you suspend your intellect, but open your mind to a much bigger, more beautiful world.

Bless you