Christianity is not a football team

I wonder whether the love of a football team comes before the love of the game, often people form an attachment to a club at a very young age, sometimes it’s because of what their dad supports, or it’s a local club in some sort of tribal instinct.  

What level of support do you have for this beautiful game or a particular club?  For me I used to be pretty obsessed by Chelsea, when I was at university, me and a friend dared each other to wear our colours, him Leeds, me Chelsea, to every one of the various clubs in the greater London borough.  Though we got some funny looks no harm came to us, which surprised us both.

If you come to the love of football as an adult you get a whole host of choices in terms of clubs, do you want an English club? Do you want a local club? Or do you simply support whoever is the top of the league at that time.  For me I would say Oxford now but football does not have the same hold on me today as it once did, I listen occasionally to the live cast on radio Oxford and haven’t been to a game of football in a long time.

I do often feel the odd one out when people talk about transfers of players that I have never heard of and how important it is for this or that club, and I just feel lost.  It’s not a great sadness to me but it does mean I lose some lad language and culture that is assumed to be held by all men.

I have heard from one of my friends at work reference his form of religion is football and I just feel I should write about the idea or thought of football as a religion and also how Christianity compares to this, for example does Christianity have an offside rule that no one explains to you, but you just understand it, and if you don’t then you are the weird sort of person, that no one wants to spend time with at the pub.

When it comes to Christianity, generally you do not love the game aka the religion before you love your God although some do.  What’s more is God’s love for you starts well before you are aware of the existence of such things, in fact he loved you before you were born.  Can you say the same of your football club? Do they love you?  When you pick a football team, there is no real wrong answer, even if it’s one that is unpopular or is at the bottom of the league, which ever league, whichever team is purely a personal choice, and has no real impact on your life, except on how much a season ticket costs or how often your team wins.

In the case of choosing Jesus, you choosing a God who wants a relationship with you, a God that brings life. There is no one, and nothing else that can do that. God, came on earth, as His son Jesus Christ, who then accepted his death on the cross, an incredibly painful experience to come to die for our sins. Our sins are what separate us from God and what prevents us from having a relationship with him. Our sins are what condemns us to death. Here is the really cool thing, after 3 days, He rose again. At that point death was defeated. It has no barb, as long as we trust in Jesus. Please note believing in Jesus alone is not enough. Satan believes in Jesus, more than believes, he knows Jesus. We have to give ourselves to Jesus, and give our sins to Him and repent them (give up our sinful natures to Him and live a life anew in Him).

You may notice I mention Jesus a lot, friends and workmates, have heard me talk about my faith in Him. The reason being is that I am a fan of Jesus, he gave me a new life, shiny and new. He took my negativity, my depression, my sins, and began a loving relationship with me. He took my anger, my broken heart, and filled the empty hole in my spirit. He gave me a reason to live beyond working, sleeping and repeating ad nauseam and instead made me whole.

If you wish to become a fan of Jesus Christ, like me, you do not need to love religion, just to want to have a relationship with God, and if you remain focussed on Jesus, just like you do on your favourite football team, and everything else follows on from there. To answer my earlier question of if there is an offside rule that excludes you if you do not understand it? I answer no, there is much to learn, but there is no reason for you to be judged for what you do not know by anyone on earth. If you ere, and I promise you, that you will, Jesus still loves you, no matter what, and is ready to forgive you.

I ask you now, are you ready to follow Jesus now? To be saved by Him and to begin a relationship with Him?

If so please pray this prayer

Dear Lord Jesus, I know that I am a sinner, and I ask for Your forgiveness. I believe You died for my sins and rose from the dead. I turn from my sins and invite You to come into my heart and life. I want to trust and follow You as my Lord and Saviour. In Your Name.


Many Blessings to you