Atheism or anti theism?

I am curious to look at the differences between those who believe that there is likely no God and therefore ignore God and all of his followers no matter which religion they are and the more aggressive anti theists who fight to rid the world of any religion or faith.

I find this discussion puzzling, mostly because if someone truly does not believe there is a God, then why care what someone else believes?

I often come across those who spout anti-theism arguments from the likes of Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens without having actually truly thought out these arguments to their logical conclusion and when challenged they answer that they do not debate with xtians who will not have their minds changed.

I want to make clear I am not attacking anyone for their beliefs or none beliefs here, but moreover am puzzled how these people who claim rationality and science as their banners and chief provocation can forgo logic in their arguments.   I will happily argue a couple of the ideas that I see spouted in many Christian blogs or news sites as the anti-atheists strive to pick arguments with Christians who often are unprepared for the arguments made against their faith.

So here I ask this, if there is no God (and I do believe that there is one) then why spend time debating him and the people who believe in Him?  Why have atheist mega churches?  And why is the Flying Spaghetti Monster is a thing?  To these questions I am at a loss, for it is illogical to care about what you do not believe in.  If you spend your time in atheist “activities” have you made it your religion? Can you honestly say your unbelief is not a belief at all?

Let’s look at some of the repeated fallacies that I have heard and seen, starting with the most emotive argument. Raising a child in Christ is child abuse. Now I ask you firstly, why the emotive argument? Why use such a provocative emotional responding argument to debate your point.  I have heard prominent atheists claim that it is better for a child to be sexually abused rather than they learn of Jesus Christ or any other “religious” figure. 

This seems extreme to me and really does not reflect the damage that sexual abuse has on a child, often this argument is wrapped up of allegations of abuse by priests.  I will not say this has not happened, whenever there is power over one child by an adult, there is always a possibility of a corruption of that power.  I am never going to condone this and by stating that teaching someone about faith is worse is putting this “offence” above the thing that most people find incredibly heinous.  Now let’s look at the logic of the argument, if you, as an atheist believe there is no God, you then believe that it is unfair on a child to be taught about faith as they have not developed fully as a person because? I mean to a Christian, it is essential that you tell your kids the facts as you see them, because it is unfair to not share this good news.  However Christians do not demand their kids become Christians, only that they be educated about Jesus.  Some will take their kids to church until they are at an age to decide for themselves, but no one can be forced to be a Christian.  We believe strongly in free will.  God gave us this for a reason.  So what could be the basis for the claim that it is abuse?  I believe it is purely because of some people believing that science and faith are diametrically opposed.  I will address this shortly.  Now let’s take this claim to the logical conclusion.  If teaching your kids about your faith is abuse then what is the action to this abuse?  Could this be the next step on from spanking your child?  Could this mean that a child be taken away from the parents because they taught their kids about Jesus? Could someone be put in prison for talking about their faith at home?  The major example of this is USSR when it was illegal to teach your children about God.  Do you as an atheist or anti-theist wish to see Christians treated in the West like they were in Soviet Russia?  You may claim this is not what you want or I am overstepping the argument, but still claiming that teaching your child about God is abuse, then this is the logical conclusion.

Science versus Christianity?  I have only found one example of why science could be affected by Christianity that would be the claim that if you’re a scientist, and you do not find the solution, then you may give up before finding the solution and claim only God knows.  I find this argument laughable, so many great minds in science are theists.  Can anyone tell me where in the bible it tells us that science is bad?  Ok ok so you feel that creationists are teaching bad science because you hold fully to evolution.  I will say that many Christians do believe in micro evolution, do believe in dinosaurs, we that believe that God is the creator of all, that it is His guiding hands in how the universe is created and how life began.  This does not mean that we ignore Genesis telling of the beginning of the world, but more of it does show the beginning of life, but not necessarily believe that the world began 6000 years ago.  There is a range of interruptions on the bible, ranging from the literal to the figurative.  This does not mean that science and theism is apposed in any way. 

One argument I have heard is that Christianity has changed its mind about the world as science explains more of the world, therefore it is invalid, and however I say that if Christians did not learn and progress with the greater understanding of the world then we would be opposed to science, but this simply is not the case.  Have a look at

Another argument I have heard is that to believe in God shows a lack of intellect or that it limits understanding or knowledge.  Please show me your working on this one.  See the above list of scientists who are Christians.

An argument I see regularly is that Christ or God is no different from a fairy tale figure the tooth fairy or Santa Klaus, this one is extremely poor logic.  Many Christians, come to their own faith in Christ as a teenager or adult, where as we figure out the truth about fairy tale figures in primary school.  So how are these alike?  Just because you do not believe in God, then why degenerate someone’s beliefs to the same level as a childhood fantasy?

Religion is the cause of wars?  I have already written an article on this one, so I will keep this short.  6.8% of conflicts have some religious aspect to them.  Yes 6.8% and that figure includes all the wars that have some religious aspect or excuse but are really about land power and money.  War is almost always about land power and money, deal with it or prove me wrong.  The fatalities of these conflicts are very much lower than modern warfare.

Last argument, Christians, want to force their beliefs on everyone else.  I will say that we love you, no matter how much you want to snidely talk down to a believer, we still love you.  We believe that we must give people the facts, not to make others to convert to Christianity, but to allow people to make an informed choice in their life. We are not trying to convert you, we do believe that you will not have eternal life without putting your faith in Jesus Christ.  Faith means trust, no one can force trust in something.  It is a personal decision we all have to make, to belief or not to believe. We just attempt to educate.

You may ask me what I want to achieve with this blog post?  My simple answer is to ask atheists to analyse their motives and their logic in the arguments they make.  Find the reason why Christians or other Theists make you react badly, and maybe not be angry and pedantic with believers, but instead open your minds outside of the clearly anti-theist arguments of the ilk of Hutchins and Dawkins.  If you truly do not believe in God, then maybe not try to convert or sue a Theist for their beliefs.


Many Blessings and Love