Awake Sleeping Church

Some may see a church as a building, as a place to go on a Sunday morning, it can be a beautiful cathedral or a tiny run down community hall, and this place is their church. Some may truly love their church, but in truth the building is not the church, the people are the church.

I see some chapels and churches, and can feel the worship that’s taken place in them for hundreds of years, sometimes it makes me feel so sad that these places have been converted to a home, or an office, you can feel the love and worship that has been there. Yet I say to you that the Church of Jesus Christ, is the body of His followers. Whether you are Methodist, Baptist, Anglican, Catholic, Pentecostal, Charismatic, or simply, like myself a disciple of Christ, no rusty man made knobs and bolts that are designed to hold me apart from other Christians.

Last night I had a vision, and felt it was needed to talk about this here.

I want you to imagine standing on the edge of the roof, there is no guttering on this roof, and there is a wrought iron fence, with the spikes on top of it bellow you. The fence is sin and death, and you are stood wobbling on the edge of that roof. God is telling you to step along the edge with confidence in Him, if you wobble too much in your faith you might fall off the edge of the roof, and fall onto the spikes.

I had an image of your family all being tied together like rock climbers, and that if one person in the family falls off, then the rest of the family could fall off with them.

Then I have an image of your smaller church body, this is your denomination, maybe your house group. There is some people very strong and confident on the roof, and in this case if someone falls not everyone will fall with you and you may be stopped falling if those strong people are aware of your wobbling on the edge

I then had an image of the entire body of Christ, walking purely in faith, they do not need worry about the edge for they can walk on the air itself, that the fence had no barb for these people, that every person holds you up and each other up.

At last I had an image of some people are deliberately diving onto the spikes, who were dragging others with them on purpose. I was confused, until I realised this is the people who deliberately teach the wrong things, and lead people to stumble and fall.

I feel this is the marching orders for the Church of Christ to get up, wake up, get moving, AS A BODY OF CHRIST, not as their denomination. We must link up with each other so that we do not wobble ourselves off the path of righteousness on the top of that building, to be aware that some people want to fall and take others with them in the fall, but if we stay strong as the body of Christ, then no one and nothing can make us fall.

With Love and Blessings