Jesus is NOT life insurance

We as people can often look at Jesus like an eternal life insurance, a safety clause in case of emergency, break glass and be saved on the day of judgement, I wish to challenge that concept today.

Firstly what is life insurance? If we are turning Jesus into an insurance policy let us think what life insurance actually is. You pay a company to pay out in case you become ill or die so that you and / or your family is taken care of if the worst happens. I cannot think of insurance as fun, exciting, or brings anything but financial stability, just in case the worst happens. By that policy being paid out, something really bad has happened in your life. I cannot think of this as positive, but it is sensible to look after our families yes?

Jesus is not life insurance, because he does not bring financial stability, we do not pay him a monthly instalment plan with no more thought than a direct debit, he does not merely help out on the worst days of your life, HE GIVES LIFE. He is life.

So my question is, why do we treat the giver of life, as a dry and dusty boring insurance policy?

Jesus does not seek for you to see him on the day of your death, he wants to give you life NOW on earth, he wants a relationship with you NOW, he has loved you from before you were even a foetus in your mother’s womb, what is more I tell you, you are not a mistake, no matter what your parents planned or not, God planned for you to be born, you are wanted. You are loved, not from the moment that you gave your heart to Christ, but from before you were even conceived, He loved you when you rejected Him, he loved you no matter what you did in your life, and he wants you to accept Him fully into your life, to focus yourself on Him right now, not when you die and go onto eternal life, He wants to guide you now, in your life on Earth.

Does this mean that you will have an easy life? I say to you that we are promised persecution, we endure pain, we live in a fallen world, but yet, we do not need to go through this alone. Often friends and relationships are transitory, the people we love move on, we miss them and move on, yet God is there for you every day, every moment of your life. He will hold you up, comfort you, love you and be with you eternally.

So I ask you now, to give Jesus all of you, to ask him for his Holy Spirit to guide you in your life, and begin a life WITH God, rather than leaving the best reward you can possibly have in this life, a relationship with God, till the end of your life on earth, and accept this relationship he offers you right now, and for the rest of your days, both on earth and into eternity.

God has no favorites, he loves us all, individually, and if he did have favorites, we would all be his favorites, so instead of looking at your brother or sister, and think that God works in them, instead see He works in ALL of us, if we allow it.  This is exciting stuff to me, I pray it is to you too!

God bless you my brothers and sisters.



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